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The 33 Best Jazz Albums - The Telegraph

Ivan Hewett reviews albums from Herbie Hancock, Jerry Léonide and Arve Henriksen in his round-up of jazz releases ...

The 33 best jazz albums of 2014 CDs from Herbie Hancock, Jamie Cullum and Dr John are among the best jazz albums of 2014. Updated weekly. This is the debut CD from the much-touted young pianist from Mauritius, who’s keen to bring the folk-song of his native island into jazz. He won first prize at the Montreux Jazz Solo Piano Competition in 2013, but maybe more significant is the fact that he carried off the Audience-favourite prize at the same festival. This album, The Key, helps to explain why. Its sunny good-nature is as restorative as a stroll on a Mauritian beach, and Leonide’s quintet sports some fine players, especially the stylishly funky bassist Linley Marthe. It often sports a blend of easy-going funky harmony with enticing exotic colours, most strikingly the harsh, very African sounding vocals of Woz Kaly...

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